Study In Canada

Why Study In Canada

Canada is famous for its acclaimed colleges and diversified range of courses. Low education cost and good track record of international education are two simple reasons why most students look forward to study in Canada. The talented faculty of the colleges in this country covers more than the curriculum of the courses and gives the students real world knowledge. The level of education is comparatively tough with respect to other countries but it is well structured. Canadian college provides internship placement in Canadian firms, find part time employment opportunities and relevant permits for students who qualify for the same and sometimes help them in citizenship application process. Under Canadian regulations, an international student who performs well in studies can apply for a part time job in the second year, and is eligible for placement in relevant Canadian firms during internship.


Work while Studying:

Some students  like to work while studying in order to earn their living expenses. So students in Canada can al so opt for part time job of 20 hours in a week during your study period. Even you can work for 40 hours during the semester breaks. One of the best options is to work on campus where you study without a work permit and after 6 months you can apply for SIN (Social Insurance Number) with which you can go for off campus work as well. After completion of your program, you will be eligible for work permit.

Post Study Visa Options in Canada An international student after landing to a new country is almost not clear about the future options available to them in connection with work or transitioning their student visa into PR. Many of the students in Canada would we willing to live in Canada further after the completion of their program or course. And luckily for them, there are many options in order to transform from a student visa into having a work permit Leading to Permanent Residency. The only thing is that one should be planned and aware of the different options. With proper planning, Students will be able to identify their future options and take steps accordingly. Above all students must have a thorough check over the importance of living and working in Canada legally after the completion of their program. It might happen that the application process in some province might be processed on fast track but make sure that you are aware of all possible options for Canadian Permanent Residency. Moreover, student must be very conscious while proceeding for PR because one mistake intentionally or unintentionally might affect your PR Application.

Post Graduate Work Permit:

If the student wishes to continue his stay in Canada after graduation then you can apply for Post Graduate work permit. In this way, student can also earn for your living expenses like food, accommodation, travelling, clothing and other necessities in the country. Basically the work permit is issued based on the length of the program which was completed with the maximum period of 3 years. In order to be eligible for the work permit, the student must have studied full time course that lasted atleast for 8 months. Do remember to submit your application within 90 days of graduation.

With the help of a work permit, you can work anywhere in the Canadian labour market. Students will be helped to find a job and support them as they will be entering into a post-graduation life. Holding a full time job under the position of a skilled worker will help you further in applying for PR status.    

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