Migration to Canada for young skilled and qualified aspirants is getting simple by applying for Permanent Residency from India itself. Canada having high demand for Skill based employment, it is highly recommended that if one is planning for migration, this is the best time to take step ahead!

Canada under Express Entry System, provides Permanent Residency to applicants considering various important factors like their Age, Education Qualification, English Language Proficiency, Relevant field proven work experience. Moreover, those students who have completed their degree in Canada can also apply for their Post Graduate Work Permit leading to Permanent Residency.  PR for Canada can also be possible through various Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It has been seen that candidate with low CRS score who doesn’t qualify to apply for PR under Express Entry, do apply through PNP program. Turnaround time to receive invitation is higher under PNP program as compared to Express Entry profile. If you are looking to evaluate your profile, you are just a visit away from Bright Spark Overseas. Let’s connect!