Student Visa



A student visa requires an enormous amount of documentation and has a number of procedures that need to be fulfilled and can often be a back breaking task. Our professional team offers wide range of options for courses/programs, colleges/universities and locations after gauging your skills, interests and different preferences. We also believe in maintaining transparency during the whole visa processing.

Please feel free to browse through each country to know more about its cultural diversity, education system, opportunities and lifestyle. In case you need assistance in selecting the perfect country, institute and course option for yourself, keeping in consideration your interests, industry preference, academic and financial background – please contact us for a personalized Career Counselling session.

All your documents along with the acceptance letter of your college, English proficiency exam results as well as other recommendation letters should be gathered prior to the visa application. It is important to get guidance from experts to get a student visa without a hitch. Prepare for your interview beforehand to understand the kind of questions that can be posed and prepare for yourself answers that can be backed by the documents at hand. Preparing for your student visa interviews is one of the most important stages of going to study abroad and one should be thoroughly prepared for them.