Bright Spark started to be with a sole motto for providing a one-stop solution for all the students and professionals who wish to upgrade their career in abroad. We provide excellent services to the students through our trained counselors with individual consideration.

Bright Spark is one of the trusted education consultancy in India providing consulting services for Study and Settle at Abroad. We provide solutions for all your queries related to Abroad Dreams. BRIGHT SPARK is the way where WE “Discover Your Destiny”.  Our satisfied clients placed across the Globe are our means of motivation. Mr. Jishan Bhimani had started his journey towards International Student Recruitment Services in 2012 by entering in this field as a freelance Counselor. Within 4 years, after guiding more than thousands of aspirants for their Abroad Dreams, In 2015 he has step up to fulfil his dream by commencing his own venture to provide In Depth Abroad Solutions under one roof at, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

To show one’s future path with all best possibilities is what we aim at Bright Spark Overseas Education. Integrity, Transparency and Ethical Values are kept on top notch at our working place, if you are in search of above values at single platform, (We are happy to assist you) LET’S CONNECT at Bright Spark Overseas Education. Client friendly behavior is our monopoly, So every client is our family ; is what our Client Says.


Our Services:

  • Student Visa:

    A student visa requires an enormous amount of documentation and has a number of procedures that need to be fulfilled and can often be a back breaking task. Our professional team offers wide range of options for courses/programs, colleges/universities and locations after gauging your skills, interests and different preferences. We also believe in maintaining transparency during the whole visa processing.

    Please feel free to browse through each country to know more about its cultural diversity, education system, opportunities and lifestyle. In case you need assistance in selecting the perfect country, institute and course option for yourself, keeping in consideration your interests, industry preference, academic and financial background – please contact us for a personalized Career Counselling session.

    All your documents along with the acceptance letter of your college, English proficiency exam results as well as other recommendation letters should be gathered prior to the visa application. It is important to get guidance from experts to get a student visa without a hitch. Prepare for your interview beforehand to understand the kind of questions that can be posed and prepare for yourself answers that can be backed by the documents at hand. Preparing for your student visa interviews is one of the most important stages of going to study abroad and one should be thoroughly prepared for them.

  • Visitor Visa:

    Any person willing to explore overseas countries do require Visitor/Tourist Visa. Visitor visa can be obtained for various purposes like leisure, medical, business etc. We at Bright Spark Overseas Education do assist with every documentation required for applying Visitor/Tourist Visa. At times, travelling history plays a vital role for applying visitor visa of The USA, Canada, UK and Australia. We do have expertise in processing for Visitor Visa of every major Western Country. Success story of Bright Spark lays in securing visa for client who once or multiple times have got refused through other Migration firm.

  • Every country has their unique visa and documentation requirement. Embassies and Consulates are centralized globally, so we strongly recommend every traveler to be loyal and accurate while lodging their visa file. Not disclosing the previous refusal history can lead to denial of visa application and can even get banned for years by respective authorities. Moreover, it has been noticed that USA B1/B2 visa generally gets refused due to lack of Interview preparation and improper details being filled in DS-160 forms. Here comes the specialization of Bright Spark Overseas Education where we submit every genuine details of our client which mitigate the chances of contradiction during their visa Interview and resulting into positive outcome of visa decision. Also we do provide One-To-One Mock Interview preparation for every individual till they get confidence and well prepared. So, let’s connect and make your Passport even stronger by stamping Visitor Visa through Bright Spark.


  • Immigration:

    Migration to Canada for young skilled and qualified aspirants is getting simple by applying for Permanent Residency from India itself. Canada having high demand for Skill based employment, it is highly recommended that if one is planning for migration, this is the best time to take step ahead!

      Canada under Express Entry System, provides Permanent Residency to applicants considering various important factors like their Age, Education Qualification, English Language Proficiency, Relevant field proven work experience. Moreover, those students who have completed their degree in Canada can also apply for their Post Graduate Work Permit leading to Permanent Residency.  PR for Canada can also be possible through various Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It has been seen that candidate with low CRS score who doesn’t qualify to apply for PR under Express Entry, do apply through PNP program. Turnaround time to receive invitation is higher under PNP program as compared to Express Entry profile. If you are looking to evaluate your profile, you are just a visit away from Bright Spark Overseas. Let’s connect!


    • University Selection and Application Process:

      At Bright Spark Overseas Education, we counsel student and know about their area of Interest into which they wish to pursue their career. At times, students are confused with Selection of Countries, Demand of Program and Scope after completion of degree. Here the proven experience of Bright Spark Overseas Education comes into picture, whereby we assist student towards all the above areas for modification of their career. Usually admission application for every Institute commences before 6 to 8 months so it is advisable that student should submit their application on time.


    • Bursaries/ Scholarships: 

      scholarship is a financial award granted to a student on the basis of the student’s academic or sporting excellence. A Bursary is a financial award granted to a student on the basis of the student’s financial neediness.

      It has been found that major student misses out scholarships due to lack of knowledge for the same. Every Institute have their specific deadlines by which the eligible application should be submitted by the candidate. Strong academics plays an important role to avail benefit of scholarship. We at Bright Spark Overseas Education keeps this factor on top most priority for every student while applying and fortunately many students get benefited from the same.

      Visa Application and Documentation:

        Online Visa application has changed the phase of Immigration. Turnaround time of securing visa has lowered down to half the time when compared to paper application. Documentation plays a key role for any visa decision and from our experience & expertise we can assure that any profile though be refused for visa in past can be turned positive with proper submission of documentation.

        Documentation Requirements defer on case to case basis.


      • Major Documents required are as under:

        • Statement of Purpose
        • Bank Statement for 1 Year: Saving/Current
        • Income Tax Returns for at least 2 years
        • Proof of fund availability
        • Property Valuation Report from Government Approved Valuer
        • University/College Acceptance Letter
        • Work Experience related documents if any
        • Gap Justification if any
        • Sponsor Letter / Travel Itinerary (If applying for Visitor/Tourist Visa)

        If you are concerned for your Visa Application, do take advantage of our professional and expertized service


      • Visa Interview Preparation:

          Professional Visa Interview preparation always plays a vital role in cracking Visa Interviews. It has been seen since years that clients with week profile too secures visa with our expertise visa interview preparation. Majority Visa Refusals are due to lack of Interview preparations and lack of practice in the same direction. Be Calm and Let’s connect us for experiencing our expertise!

          Your Visa is waiting at the door of BrightSparkOverseasEducation 


        • Pre and Post Landing Services

          Migrating to a new country is a difficult task, especially when you don’t have any relatives or acquaintances there. At Bright Spark, on securing Student Visa, student gets admitted to Bright Spark Club, where they can easily get information regarding to Accommodation in Overseas respectively. Detailed List of Things to carry for the International student who is first time traveler is getting very helpful to students. An Interactive session with the Past student in Overseas helps new student in getting overview of present job market and important things to carry while shopping.


          As the student is entered into The “Bright Spark Club”, they can easily interact with their colleague as they all belong to the same family “Bright Spark Overseas Education”.  We even assist student in getting the accommodation finalized before entering the country to avoid panic situation.  Moreover, there are many Institute that provides free Airport Pickup, to International student during their first travel from India, so benefit of the same is also shared with the students. Assistance on opening/activating bank account in overseas is also provided before arriving to the country. Lastly the most important “Immigration Process” is also being taken care of that boosts the confidence while travelling and meeting the Immigration/border officer. This service from tip to toe creates everlasting relations with every clients cum family.


        • Forex Transaction: 

            For International University Tuition /Overseas Education Fee Remittance you may have to open an account with the bank before being able to access their money transfer abroad facility. No need to open an account with us. Forex accept money from your existing bank account through a NEFT/RTGS transfer and send it abroad to the beneficiary bank account. You simply call us and submit your below documents:


            • Passport Copy
            • Institute offer Letter
            • Pan Card
            • Aadhar Card


          • Flight Ticket Booking:

              We have sister concern travel agency that would book flight tickets through the most suitable and affordable airline. We assist the students as to what they must require to carry as luggage comprising of their basic requirements and also of specific requirements according to the institute, location and course. Travel agency, at the time of booking flight ticket do provides Special student discount is main attraction which costs the tickets at cheaper rates. Assisting student with the end to end solution for every requirements keeps us unique. Students are welcome to make use of this attractive service, to make the process hassle free.

            1. Dependent Visa:

              People working or residing in Canada either under a permanent or temporary visa can get their spouse/common law partner, parents and dependent children to stay with them in Canada under a dependent visa. However, if the dependents want to work they have to apply for a work permit.

              To be able to sponsor, one must fulfil the following criterions:

              • Must have a valid work permit/ permanent visa
              • Must be able to prove that the sponsor will be able to financially support them

              The Canadian government emphasizes certain requirements which have to fulfilled in case one has to apply for Dependent visa:

              • In case of applying for spouse, one has to provide official proof to validate the marriage,
              • In case of dependent children, one has to provide proof that the child is less than 22 years old and is a student hence dependent on a parent for financial support,
              • In case of applying for common law partner, one has to provide proof that the applicant and sponsor are in a relationship and are staying together at a common address. The applicants also have to provide an undertaking.
            2. Passport Services

              Travelling to any overseas country is only possible if you have your valid passport ready. Passport is considered as primary acceptable document universally, so highly advisable to keep it valid and renewed from time to time when require.

              Passport Application is made in below cases: 

              • Application for New Passport
              • Application for Renewal of Passport
              • Lost or Damaged Passport
              • Change of any Personal details in Passport

              Documents require for Passport Online Appointment:

              • Aadhar Card (National Identification Document)
              • Birth/ School Leaving Certificate
              • Bank Passbook 1st Page with address similar to Aadhar card
              • Electricity Bill
              • Marriage Certificate (If Applicable)
              • Old Passport (In Case of Renewal of Passport)
            3. If you are looking for Either your Initial Passport / Update in an existing or Renewal due to Expiry of Passport, do contact Team Bright Spark for hassle free process.